Testimonials on SOLO from students and practitioners

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Testimonials on SOLO from students and practitioners

Post by Ulissija » Thu Oct 26, 2017 5:19 pm

Maria Remova ( Melbourne, Australia)

"Close your eyes and you'll see more than that”
What if the universal tool of the self-cognition and creativity is offered for you?
Very simple, ecological, with immediate effect?
The only requirement – 30 minutes a day for yourself. 20 minutes practice. 10 minutes reflection/expression.
This is about “listening yourself”, the Way to Yourself, the Adventure Of Self-Discovery.
This is what AUTHENTIC MOVEMENT SOLO is about.
Olesia Bondareva is collecting and transmitting the process of a real power, using traditional healing practicies and art-therapy, based on Jungian analytical psychology.
Deep, whole, beautiful and also unexpectedly effective method of self-expression in Consciousness.
Your body as a universal tuning tool, which is always "right here, right now". Your body is showing Your Way, Your Flow, Your Story. The story of Human Life Beauty in the Universe. And you are reading your story consciously and expressing it in art.
Online training allows you to practice on your own schedule. And with regular practice you receive the joy of acceptance, understanding, free art expression, answers on main questions and better dealing with yourself and people around you - invaluable gifts nowdays.

Source - https://www.facebook.com/authenticmovementsolo/

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Re: Testimonials on SOLO from students and practitioners

Post by Svetleka » Thu Oct 26, 2017 5:31 pm

I have tried different healing modalities including different types of therapeutic movements. Authentic Movement Solo is a safe practice to explore internal feelings and emotions in the safe and creative format. The two-week intensive course allowed to find a deeper connection with myself, to hear my authentic voice and to uncover dysfunctional behavioural patterns related to some issues in the past.

This modality (Authentic Movement Solo) is especially good for some people like me who feel uncomfortable initially to practise Authentic Movement in the real group setting. It allowed me much needed space to explore my personal issues as well as still have a virtual support of the group. Creating your own safe space was a healing process on its own. Many answers had come right away from the process of exploring them in the movement; others came later on through writing, collaging which are additional healing techniques that were used in this modality.

Even after very short two-weeks practise, I have gained a better understanding of my body and how my body is connected to my feelings and emotions. For instance, I have discovered that the pressure in my shoulders is related to unresolved issues around giving and receiving love from others or that the fluid feeling in the spine for me personally related to my feeling to be in tune with what I do and how I feel about it. Since many of us are depleted of internal resources, I found that is an effective format to relieve an outside pressure and allow a space for oneself to nourish more gradual and easier change.

I am looking forward to exploring this modality further and integrating it better into my everyday life as its effects stretch from the better feeling in one’s body to the better understanding of how to deal with certain situations in life in general.

Svetlana Rakevitch, Toronto, Canada

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