Ekaterina Kadomina, Samara-Tolyatti, Russia.

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Ekaterina Kadomina, Samara-Tolyatti, Russia.

Post by EkaterinaKadomina » Thu Oct 26, 2017 4:34 pm

My name is Ekaterina, and I practice Relational massage and bodywork method since May 2015.

How did I know about RM&BW method and why did I start to practice it?

Once I saw Olesya’s texts and articles, about massage, body, relations, life, feelings, about her world view… and these articles touched me, as it touched the most of Olesya’s followers, by it’s openness, sincerity and honesty. It was so close to me and it was something I aspired unconsciously. It was a sort of confirmation of what I believed in somewhere deep in my heart, that you can open your heart and feel, be yourself, communicate with others honestly and be happy, to live in balance and build healthy harmonic relations with parents, kids, husband, myself etc.
I liked an idea that massage is not only a physical procedure or kind of gymnastics, but it is a dialogue and relationships between partners, a living process.

At that time I thought that it would be great to meet such person in reality to communicate with and to visit one of Olesya’s seminars. And sometime after that I got to know that Olesya was coming to our city with her seminar. There was no doubt that I was taking part in it. And now I’m here)
Then I continued practicing with my family, in RM&BW club meetings and with first clients. My practice was developing and I was growing with it. My relations with my family, myself, my man, people around me changed. I was changed.
The most important acquisition and benefit that I’ve got with the practice is the sense of internal stableness and internal witness. The practice gives resources to look inside yourself and to the reality and to deal with it. “If the problem is not deadly, you can solve it!”

Now I’m still practicing, and I feel myself at my own place - this is the second benefit. I’m happy to be here and to do what I do. It is a part of me. And I’m happy to help other people to discover their own happiness and to look inside themselves and their feelings!

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